I. machine ma‧chine 1 [məˈʆiːn] noun [countable]
a piece of equipment that uses power such as electricity to do a particular task:

• Labour and machines are both at full capacity in the production department.

• We plan to upgrade all machines used for data input.

ˈanswering maˌchine OFFICE
a machine connected to a telephone which records your telephone messages when you are not able to answer the telephone; = ANSWERPHONE:

• If I'm not in, leave a message on my answering machine.

ˌautomated ˈteller maˌchine BANKING abbreviation ATM
another name for cash machine
cancelˈlation maˌchine also ˌpostal cancelˈlation maˌchine OFFICE
a machine that prints a special sign on envelopes to show that the cost of sending them by mail has been paid; = franking machine
ˈcash maˌchine also ˈcash disˌpenser especially BrE BANKING
a machine used by customers of a bank to take money out of their accounts, using a special card:

• Customers would not like having to pay a fee every time they used a cash machine.

ˈclient maˌchine
COMPUTING one of several small computers connected to a large computer in a network:

• Data is processed on the server before being delivered to the client machine.

dicˈtation maˌchine OFFICE
a machine that records what you say so that someone can write it down later:

• With a dictation machine, you can record letters and memos wherever you are.

ˈfax maˌchine OFFICE
a machine that sends and receives Faxes
ˈfranking maˌchine OFFICE
a machine that prints a special sign on envelopes to show that the cost of sending them by mail has been paid; = cancellation machine
ˈvending maˌchine
a machine from which you can get cigarettes, chocolate, drinks etc by putting money in
  [m0] II. machine machine 2 verb [transitive] MANUFACTURING
to make or shape something with a special machine:

• Something like 60 tools may be used to machine a single item.

— machining noun [uncountable] :

• All scrap metal from machining processes at the factory is recycled.

* * *

machine UK US /məˈʃiːn/ noun [C]
PRODUCTION a piece of equipment with moving parts that uses power to do a particular type of work: »

The machines were designed to make bottles from recycled plastic.

operate/use a machine »

Now only a few people are required to operate the computerized machines.

install/service a machine »

Soft drink companies began installing vending machines in schools.


Is the machine working again?

a machine breaks down »

The machine broke down and we had to call someone to come and mend it.

a washing/sewing/copying machine »

Slowly feed the paper into the copying machine.

a machine for (doing) sth »

He invented a machine for setting type.


They use a special machine to scan the bone.

by machine »

The votes are counted by machine.


a machine operator/maker

IT a computer: »

You'll need a powerful machine for editing videos.


Most machines running these programs have poor network connections.

a group of people who control and organize something: political/publicity machine »

The publicity machine will not quit when the book tour grinds to a halt.


The hard left wanted ministers to be accountable to the party machine.


His business empire has grown into a well-oiled machine.

See also ANSWERING MACHINE(Cf. ↑answering machine), AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE(Cf. ↑automated teller machine), CANCELLATION MACHINE(Cf. ↑cancellation machine), CASH MACHINE(Cf. ↑cash machine), DICTATION MACHINE(Cf. ↑dictation machine), FAX(Cf. ↑fax), FRANKING MACHINE(Cf. ↑franking machine), MAILING MACHINE(Cf. ↑mailing machine), TAPE MACHINE(Cf. ↑tape machine), TICKER-TAPE MACHINE(Cf. ↑ticker-tape machine), VENDING MACHINE(Cf. ↑vending machine)
machine UK US /məˈʃiːn/ verb [T]
PRODUCTION to make or change the shape of something using a machine: »

Each hole has to be accurately machined.


The sides are carefully machined to fit the cylinders.

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